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The name Shakth Creations, which means the creator of creations. By the name itself, we make you identify & recognize that we are committed to being a core responsible for your brand creation. We not only deal with brand creation but also we deal with designing, printing, advertising, marketing and promote your brand to a globally recognized brand by all medium of communication to engage and win your targeted customer’s heart and mind.

We deal with analyzing your business requirements, develop an actual plan for creating a product, brand your product, and advertise it in a correct platform to reach your target customers by marketing both direct and online on an environment and promote it to enhance and expand your business in global market.


best team

Our Experts

  • S.Balamurugan
    S.Balamurugan CEO
  • K.Ashok
    K.Ashok Sr. Graphics Designer
  • S.Ganesh
    S.Ganesh Visual & Product Designer
  • M.Gowtham
    M.Gowtham Business Development Executive
  • Karthick
    Karthick Business Presentation Designer
  • Dilip
    Dilip Photographer


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